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Welcome at the Content Policy and Society Lab (CPSL)

We use the multistakeholder approach to find efficient and rights based  solution to main challenges of online content moderation, use the multistakeholder approach to find efficient and rights based solution to main challenges of…

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Content and Conflict in Ukraine

From the war of words, to the woes of war”, read our report on the content and conflict during the early days of the war in Ukraine.


Modelling Multistakeholder Collaboration, for Rights-based Content Policies

A white paper summarizing one year of prototypinga novel use of the Multistakeholder approach to identify efficient and rights based solutions to content policy challenges.

The Content Policy & Society Lab (CPSL) prototypes a model for multi stakeholder approaches to content policy and governance issues, bringing together representatives of civil society, private companies, and governments to identify and implement solutions to the main challenges of moderating content online while respecting fundamental human rights.

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A safe space for companies,governments, civil society, content moderators and academia to exchange, research and collaborate

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An international network of decentralized mini-hubs and pop-up initiatives, CPSL provides a unique setting for cross-cultural dialogue and policy innovation

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A production of data-powered findings and learnings from its activities and extensive network of content policy experts

The CPSL is a solutions-oriented network and platform of collaboration. Our projects are important to show the possibilities of harnessing multi stakeholderism in the content policy realm.

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